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Two Token Design


Financial characteristics are inherent in every blockchain. A proper economic model is one of the fundamental elements in a blockchain ecosystem, and a key factor for its success. We have learned from our business partners, especially corporations and enterprise business owners, that one of major obstacles to adopting blockchain technologies is the unpredictability of the cost of using blockchain, thanks to the volatility of cryptocurrencies. To tackle the problem, we design a bi-token system that includes the DeltaChain Token (DTC) and DeltaThor Token (DTHO). The function of DTC is to serve as value-transfer medium, or in other words, smart money, to enable rapid value circulation within the DeltaChain ecosystem. On the other hand, DTHO represents the underlying cost of using DeltaChain and will be consumed (or, in other words, destroyed) after on-chain operations are performed. According to our design, DTHO is generated from holding DTC with a constant speed. In this way, we are able to detach the direct cost of using DeltaChain from the DTC price. Let be the amount of DTC, the amount of time (in terms of the number of blocks) and the DTHO generation speed. Mathematically, we can write
where denotes the amount of DTHO generated from holding DTC. On the other hand, for each transaction, given be the amount of Gas required to process the transaction by the system and the gas price in DTHO given by the transaction sender, we can calculate the amount of DTHO consumed for the transaction as:
Velocity is a constant equal to DTHO per DTC per block. In other words, if you had 10K DTC, you would be given at most 4.32 DTHO every 24 hours. The gas price can vary in the range where is a parameter that can be adjusted according to the market supply and demand of DTHO. Currently, we set .

#DeltaChain Token (DTC)

Native Coin
18 decimal places
Total supply

#DeltaThor Token (DTHO)

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Token contract address
18 decimal places
DTHO is the energy or the cost of carrying on the payment and smart contract transactions on the DeltaChain blockchain. DTHO is generated from DTC in each block over time in a linear manner. (0.00000005DTHO is generated per DTC per block)
70% of the transaction fee paid in each block is burned and the remaining 30% is rewarded to the Authority Masternode which produces the block